GIVE Thanks this Holiday Season

Wednesday, November 23 at 08:51 AM
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While Thanksgiving is a time to pause and give thanks for all that you have, it is also a great time to GIVE thanks by doing something for others.

Think of all the things you say thank you for without even thinking about it during the day. We may not stop to think of the small things people do for us, and we probably don't ponder the positive impact these small actions have. But we can sure benefit from turning around and giving acts of kindness back to others.

The concept of “Pay it Forward” involves a person who does a good deed for someone else and asks only that they "pay it forward" in return for the deed. When the recipient wants to "pay it back", the giver simply instructs them to "pay it forward" — to do a kind act for someone else. The good deeds could be as simple as paying the toll for the person behind you, letting the harried mother with tired children cut in front of you in the checkout line or giving your umbrella to someone less prepared on a rainy day.

This holiday season, Arvest Bank encourages you to give thanks and pay it forward.  Over the month of November, Arvest Bank and 101.1 KLRC in Northwest Arkansas teamed together to help listeners “Pay it Forward.”  Listeners were given the opportunity to submit what they would do with $101 for someone else.  Each Friday during the month of November, the KLRC Morning Show announced three winners for Arvest Bank and KLRC to sponsor.  

Arvest Bank and 101.1 KLRC also sponsored a Pay it Forward Food Drive on Nov. 17 that benefited LifeSource International, a non-profit organization of Fayetteville, Ark.  Community members were invited to bring food items to various Arvest branches throughout Northwest Arkansas as a way to GIVE thanks. 

Please give thanks while giving thanks this year.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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